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Dog Training Academy

Hi, my name is Ann. I have always loved all animals—large and small. In fact, my very first trainee was a cockatiel named Lucky. Since then, I've rescued, trained, or lived with everything from lizards, sugar gliders, turtles, dogs, birds, fish, hermit crabs, to hamsters.

During my college years, I was studying to become a physical therapist—a career that my family thought best for me. However, after a traumatic car accident, in which my personal dog did not survive, I found a new purpose in rehabilitating and bettering the lives of dogs and their forever humans. I made the ultimate decision to change career paths and pursue my passion!

In 2010, I received my Canine Training Specialist certification from Triple Crown Dog Academy in Texas. In addition to the standard training program, I continued to live on campus and train before starting my own training business in New York City. Since 2022, I have relocated to Georgia to be closer to my family. However, I continue to maintain my relationships with clients from NYC and even Europe!


I have been training dogs for the last 13 years and have also had the privilege to discreetly work for a few celebrity clients. My experiences include but are not limited to: trick training, search-and-rescue, service dog training, basic obedience, behavioral modification, and a variety of other issues.


Please feel free to reach out for a consultation.


About Me
Business Owner and Dogs
Ann Triple Crown Academy Certificate
Ann Canine Training Specialist Certificate from Triple Crown Academy


Web Consult

Virtual Training

Embrace the convenience of training your beloved canine companion from the comfort of your home. My interactive online program  brings expert guidance and personalized training directly to you, making it easier than ever to cultivate a well-behaved and joyful relationship with your dog. Virtual training includes separate practice sessions to ensure progress, as you would obtain in person.

Service Dog

Service Dog Training

A comprehensive and specialized process aimed at preparing your dog to perform specific tasks and assist indviduals with disabilities. Your canine partner will play a crucial role in enhancing your quality of life and provide him or her with a sense of purpose. 

Obedient and trick training with dog

Obedience & Trick Training

I am dedicated to helping you and your canine companion build a strong foundation of communication, respect, and cooperation through our comprehensive obedience training. My program is designed to create a harmonious and well-behaved partnership between you and your dog, fostering a positive and enjoyable living experience.

Behavioral Modification Training

Behavioral Modification

I focus on creating positive and lasting changes in your dog's behavior. My  program is designed to address a wide range of behavioral challenges, cultivating a harmonious relationship between you and your furry companion. Whether your dog struggles with anxiety, aggression, phobias, or other behavioral challenges, I am here to help.


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