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Who Is Keiko?

        My animals have always been my best friends in life. As a kid, I loved them and practiced some basic training, but it was really when I met my Heidi that I became passionate about dog training. I loved how she was so focused on what I said, and I realized I could communicate better with dogs than I could with most people. She understood everything I wanted her to do - the training just came naturally to her. I wanted a companion for my Heidi and ended up rescuing Keiko.

        Keiko was from Costa Rica and was in horrible conditions as a puppy. The people who had her were running a puppy mill for money. She was malnourished, had parasites, and needed immediate vet care. I had no idea she would survive, nor did I know that she would become my greatest teacher. Keiko gave me the support I needed to establish my career in dog training. I learned from her as she was able to gauge dogs and give me information on how to approach each particular dog. No matter the behavioral issue, Keiko knew how to treat each dog's temperament accordingly.

        Many training schools apply one method for all dogs. Some use exclusively positive training with treats, and a lot are against any alternative methods. Keiko taught me to customize my training to help each dog in a way that would be best for them. She was my Yoda - she taught me more than I could ever have taught her. Both Keiko and Heidi have passed, but I have them in my heart and mind. They both live on through my work and serve as my inspiration and motivation to help other dogs.  

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